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Ma Cookie Settlement Fund (2022) Legit Platform or Scam?

If you’ve been online at all in the past few weeks, you may have seen ads for Ma Cookie Settlement Fund. This website is supposedly a way to collect money from a class action lawsuit related to cookies. But is Ma Cookie Settlement Fund a scam? Let’s take a closer look at this platform and see what it’s all about.

What is a Ma Cookie Settlement Fund?

A Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a legal settlement that was created to compensate victims of the salmonella outbreak that occurred in 2008. More than 550 people were sickened after eating contaminated cookies produced by the Keebler and Kellogg’s company.

As part of the settlement, Keebler and Kellogg’s agreed to pay out $20 million to those who were affected. In addition, they established a fund to help cover the medical costs of those who were injured. This fund was known as the Ma Cookie Settlement Fund.

More about Ma Cookie Settlement Fund:

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a website that was created by the law firm of Ma, Howell & Ma. This firm represented the majority of the victims in the class action lawsuit against Keebler and Kellogg’s.

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund website is designed to help people who were affected by the salmonella outbreak file a claim and receive compensation. The website includes a form that must be filled out in order to begin the claims process.

Ma Cookie Settlement Fund also states that it will help to cover the costs of medical treatment for those who were injured by the contaminated cookies. In order to receive this assistance, you must provide documentation of your injuries and treatment.

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund’s Structure:

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a fund set up to compensate those affected by the contaminated cookies released by the Ma Cookie company. The fund is structured as a class action settlement, which means that those affected can receive compensation by filing a claim.

The fund is also structured to provide financial relief for those affected by the contamination. This includes reimbursement for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages incurred as a result of the contamination. Payments from the fund will be made on a prorated basis, depending on how much damage was caused by the contaminated cookies.

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund’s Funding:

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund was established to provide financial assistance to Chinese American victims of the discriminatory practices committed by the makers of fortune cookies.

The fund is administered by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization. The center has worked for more than 25 years to secure justice and equal opportunity for all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is funded by a $1 million grant from the Kellogg Foundation. The fund will be used to provide financial assistance to those affected by the discriminatory practices committed by the makers of fortune cookies.

Is the Ma Cookie Settlement Fund a Legit Platform or Scam?

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a legit platform. It is an online platform that compensates you for the time you spend on the internet. They do this by providing access to paid surveys, offers, and other marketing research opportunities. You can earn money by completing these tasks and sharing your opinions with companies who are looking for feedback from consumers like you.

The Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is not a scam. They are a legitimate company that has been around since 2004. They have helped over 2 million people earn money online through their survey and offer opportunities. Plus, they are BBB accredited and have an A+ rating.


The Ma Settlement website appears to be open and available for anyone to access, and officials have confirmed that the website is legitimate. If you want to learn more, visit the Ma Settlement Website yourself.

What are your thoughts on the Ma Cookie Settlement Scam? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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