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Patient (2022) Learn More About The Website

Patient is a website that has been created to help patients who are suffering from COVID-19. The website provides information about the virus, how to test for it, and where to find testing centers near you.

Patient also provides resources for patients and their families, including information on how to cope with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

What is a patient portal?

A patient portal, also sometimes called a healthcare portal, is a secure online website that gives patients 24/7 access to personal health information and medical records.

With a patient portal, you can communicate with your doctor’s office, request prescription renewals, view test results and lab reports, pay your medical bills, and even book appointments.

In short, patient portals are designed to make managing your health and communicating with your healthcare team easier and more convenient.


Interestingly, patient portals are not a new concept. In fact, the first version of what we now know as a patient portal was developed way back in 1998 by CareGroup Healthcare System in Boston.

However, it wasn’t until more recently that patient portals really started to take off. According to a report from the Patient Portal Usage in US Hospitals, as of 2016, 78% of hospitals in the United States offer some form of patient portal to their patients.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as Obamacare, has played a big role in the growth of patient portals.

Under the PPACA, hospitals that implement patient portals can earn up to a three percent incentive from Medicare.

In addition, the PPACA also requires that patient portals provide patients with access to their medical records within four business days.

What does Patient offer? 

Patient is a free, secure online website that provides patients with 24/77 access to their personal health information and medical records.

Patient also offers resources for patients and their families, including information on how to cope with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Features of

  • Free and secure access to your personal health information
  • Resources for patients and their families
  • Information on how to cope with a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Access to your medical records within four business days
  • A three percent incentive from Medicare if you use the patient website.


The Patient portal accommodates the following services:

  • Viewing test results and lab reports
  • Communicating with your doctor’s office
  • Requesting prescription renewals
  • Booking appointments
  • Paying your medical bills

How to use

In order to use the Patient portal, you will need to create an account. Creating an account is easy and only takes a few minutes. To create an account, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, email address, and create a password.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to login and start using the Patient website.

If you have any questions about the Patient portal or how to create an account, you can contact customer service by calling toll-free number – (888) 321-1300 Monday through Friday from,

Patients’ perceptions of the Patient portal:

Patients’ perceptions of the Patient portal are largely positive. The portal provides patients with secure access to their health records, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, and medical bills.

Overall, patients find the portal to be user-friendly and appreciate having 24/7 access to their health information.

Some minor concerns have been raised about the accuracy of scheduling appointments and prescription refill requests through the portal, but overall patients are satisfied with the Patient Portal.

Customer Reviews:

Claris Davis, The Patient Portal has been a lifesaver. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to access my records or schedule an appointment and the portal has made it so easy.

Ray Musgrove, I love the Patient Portal! It’s so convenient and user-friendly. Being able to access my health information 24/77 is a huge plus.

Patti Davis, The Patient Portal has been a great addition to my healthcare. I can easily access my records, schedule appointments, and request prescription renewals.


 If you are looking for a patient portal that is both user-friendly and provides the latest in technology, then is the website for you. With over 10 years of experience in providing patient portals, has set the gold standard in this industry.

From providing online access to medical records to offering secure messaging capabilities, this website has it all.

So what are you waiting for? Visit today!

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